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World Childless Week, which takes place in September, aims to raise awareness of the childless-not-by-choice community and to help the community find support groups that understand their grief. Their website contains a comprehensive set of resources for childless-not-by-choice people including support groups,  social groups, bloggers and businesses providing support and services to childless-not-by-choice people.

The Full Stop Podcast is a community podcast covering the issues that affect the childless-not-by-choice community. You can listen to their podcasts and view their toolkit of resources.

Gateway Women is an online community for women who are involuntarily childless. Their website includes resources and advice on a wide variety of topics related to childlessness.

Walk In Our Shoes is a social design project raising awareness of involuntary childlessness by giving childless-not-by-choice people the opportunity to share their stories. 

The Dovecote: Childless Support Organisation provides support and inspiration to people dealing with involuntary childlessness to reconnect with their daily lives and rediscover a passion and purpose. Their resources include private Facebook support groups for both women and men dealing with involuntary childlessness.

Canbace Life provides support to people moving on from childless overwhelm to Creating A New, Beautiful and Courageous Existence.